Institutional Works

It involves the construction of several buildings and structures which are of both commercial and public importance, for example, sports stadiums, health clubs, hospitals, community gathering centres, town hall, railway station, schools, colleges and many more.

Eco Build has been one of the leaders in making such important structures for a long time. Some of the projects successfully completed in due time and quality are as follows:

● Railway Platform No.5 (Indore)
● Railway Platform (Omkareshwar)
● International Holkar cricket stadium
● Yeshwant Club
● Apollo (Rajshree) hospital building
● GSIMR college (GSTI trust)
● Shri Vaishnav College (SVITS) and many more

The company has strong archive of the various accomplishments in the city as well as in the state of Madhya Pradesh and looks forward to engage many more such wonderful opportunities in future as well.